Emerge ARC Review

Emerge by Tobie Easton
5 Stars
When I heard about this book, I was so excited! I'm always looking for a good mermaid read. I ended up being lucky enough to receive an e-ARC from the publisher and man, am I thankful! Going in I kind of thought Emerge was going to be a light fluffy romance, but I was wrong. There is indeed a romance, but this story has a dark tone as well.

Let's discuss the characters. I quite enjoy our main character Lia and her inner struggles. She breaks rules, but only when her intentions are good. I just loved seeing her internal fight. Lia's sisters and her cousin are also pretty entertaining. However, two of my favorite characters are Clay and Caspian. Clay is human and pretty dang adorable, I am a sucker for a flirty, green eyed man. I found myself falling for him as the story went on. Caspian on the other hand, is mer. Mer is a term you'll see fairly often as a term for the mermaid race. Caspian is intelligent, sweet, and very kind. He's actually every bit as charming as Clay. For someone I didn't enjoy, Mel. She seems like the bitch of the story and we're made to hate her for good reason. Boy, did I love to hate her. Enough about the characters, you need to read it for yourself!

My favorite thing about Emerge is actually all of the mythology behind the mermaids from how they focus on maintaining their legs to the concept of same-love. I don't want to spoil anything for you, but I love how Easton came up with this concept that everyone gets legs at a certain point in life and for a certain reason. However, they have to work to maintain them unlike what we see in The Little Mermaid, which is also mentioned throughout. Everything is so intriguing! I just can't get enough of it!

In the end, I enjoyed every minute of this novel. I even messaged Tobie as I went and that was fun. Emerge isn't your typical mermaid novel. It has a lot more to it than just beaches and romance. There's a battle to be won and it's a wonderful ride. In the end, I was only able to see one thing coming and it didn't even play a major part in the ending. I have every confidence that Emerge will surprise you. Because it says Mer Chronicles Book 1, I'm assuming there will be a sequel and the wait may just kill me. I hope you'll pick it up. It's set to release on April 19, 2016 and there are even some cool prizes if you pre-order a copy! You can find pre-order links here on Tobie's website! I'd love to discuss it with y'all so come back once you've finished.


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