Eye Candy Review

Eye Candy by R.L. Stine
4 Stars
When I found out that the television show was based off of a book, I was intrigued. Then the show got cancelled after a fantastic first season and I decided I must have the book. I knew there were going to be some differences given the year of publication, but wow, they were different. I'm not complaining though. I found them both interesting. Even without the missing sister, online hackers, hot detective, and horrible "taunting" this book held up. From the very beginning I was in the mindset of "I'm going to figure this out." I totally thought I knew who it was and was COMPLETELY thrown for a loop. I love when a book can shock me. Looking back I was wondering how on Earth I had missed it because in my opinion there are a few small hints. I don't want to say too much because I think I found most of the fun in not knowing anything and trying to figure it out. To give a brief summary Lindy is a gorgeous girl in her early twenties who decides to give online dating a go. She soon finds herself being stalked and I guess you could even say blackmailed? Or maybe just threatened. Anyway, being as she has been on multiple dates, she has no idea who this guy is and what to do about it. This was my first R.L. Stine novel and it was pretty good. I don't know if I'll read any more because it seems like a huge commitment, but you never know. I suggest giving this a go if you like to read crime or mystery novels that keep you guessing. However, if you're expecting something exactly like the show, I feel you'll be disappointed. Have any of you read Eye Candy or watched the show on MTV? I'd love to hear your thoughts on either.


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