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Blog Tour: Aftermath

The Interview
First thing first, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Maybe some little known tidbits? I’ve lived in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois my whole life, but I’d love to live in Vermont or New Hampshire, or Prince Edward’s Island in Canada. One day.

Rumor has it that my great-great uncle worked for Al Capone. My great-great aunt denied it, but everyone else says it’s true.

I’m left-handed and when I write with pen and paper, instead of writing left to right, I write sideways and down to up. I always forget how weird that is until someone sees me write something and is completely gobsmacked. If we ever meet in person, ask me to show you.

I used to paint murals professionally. I also used to sing. But for the past few years, all of my creativity goes into writing novels.

In the forward for Aftermath you mention that this story has been in your head for a long time, can you tell us what inspired it exactly? When I was twelve, a girl my age, from my neighborhood, disappeared …