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Gone Wild ARC Review

Gone Wild by Jodi Lundgren 4 Stars I was able to read this gem through NetGalley and for that, I am thankful. All you really need to know going into this book is that two teens are on separate journeys to escape from their problems and their paths cross. Now I expected this to be way more enlightening, but it was still enjoyable to read. The journey was not quite amazing, it was more of an okay, clear your head type of thing. So don't expect some grand adventure that leaves you questioning your own life, this isn't that. It was nice to see the inner struggles that both of these characters went through and how they handled them. I haven't read a lot of books dealing with either topics and I'm sure there are a lot out there, but I'd still like to see more. This is definitely a quick review for a quick read, but I recommend it. Especially if you want something fast, easy, and slightly different. It'll be out September 1, 2016 if you'd like to get yourself a copy…

The Princess Diaries Review

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot 4 Stars I picked up this book because I really wanted to read the adult book that has been added to the series. Being that I've never read these books, I felt that I should. Now, I breezed through this book. It was a quick, fun, light, and easy read. Not surprising since it's meant for tweens and teens. My main problem was how young Mia seemed, it might be just me, but I did not act like that in high school. Not even middle school, it read like 5th grade me was writing it. Yes, I said it was enjoyable, but my god, Mia drove me nuts most of the time. I'm really hoping to see her grow up because I don't know how much more of that I can take. I will definitely be picking up book 2 very, very soon. Have any of you read the series? I'd be interested in your thoughts. Xoxo, Gabriella

First Book Outlet Experience

My very first Book Outlet order!
If you watch as many "Booktube" videos as I do, you've probably heard of Book Outlet. Book Outlet is notoriously known for their amazingly low prices or "read-iculously low" as they put it. On December 28th they had this Boxing Day sale where if you spent a certain amount of money, you got a certain amount of money off of your order. I managed to spend around $75 so I received $30 off of my purchase. I finally decided to give in and purchase from Book Outlet because they had ten of the books in The Princess Diaries series. I wanted to start reading them so I can read the new adult book in the series. Unfortunately, three of the books sold out before I checked out, but I was still able to get the rest. Anyway, I now see why everyone is so in love with this company. If you don't have a ton of money, but you fly through books like there is no tomorrow then they allow you to feed your addiction without breaking the bank. Only one…

Arrow Volume 1 Review

Arrow Volume 1 by Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, and Mike Grell 4.5 Stars This year I started watching Arrow and when I was looking into purchasing the dvds, I was recommended this graphic novel. Of course I had to put it on my Christmas list! I read this in one sitting and while I did breeze through it, it was not what I expected. I figured it would have a lot more to do with the television show and it did, but it didn't in my opinion. I was a little confused as to where certain things fit in and whatnot. I just think that if they're going to put Stephen Amell on the cover, then it should be a lot clearer and be a lot more related. I hope I'm making sense. Regardless of my problem with that, it definitely was entertaining and completely enjoyable. I recommend this if you're looking for an extra dose of Arrow, but I wouldn't say you're missing anything if you don't pick it up. Also, I really enjoyed the artwork it really matches the feel. Let me know your…