The Lying Game Review

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard
4 Stars
For starters I picked up this book because I was absolutely gutted when the television adaptation got cancelled. Little did I know that they would be different from page 1. The Lying Game is about a set of twin sisters who were separated at birth. Sutton went to a privileged family in Tucson, Arizona while Emma bounced around foster homes for most of her life. This is not a spoiler, but the book Sutton is dead. I find it interesting that her spirit "follows" Emma as she tries to navigate all this new territory. Not only that, but she doesn't remember much about her life at all. I don't remember ever reading anything else like that. Throughout the novel I became suspicious of almost everyone and it was able to keep me guessing like any good mystery novel should. I loved it so much I immediately purchased books two and three in the series. I believe there are only six books and I intend to read every single one of them. I need to see where this goes. If you have seen and enjoyed the television show, then I recommend giving the books a go. They're not the same as far as I can tell. Well done. Share your thoughts?


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