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Welcome to my stop on the Beautiful Lost blog tour! I seriously cannot wait to tell y'all my thoughts on this book so let's go!

About the Book
The Beautiful Lost By Luanne Rice
Ages 12 and Up
June 27, 2017
In The Beautiful Lost, Luanne Rice deftly uses her experiences with depression to craft a lilting and surprising story about the vagaries of the human heart. Maia has struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts ever since her mother left to follow her passion of studying ocean life in the Canadian Maritime provinces. Maia is convinced everything will be fine if she can only reconnect with her mother, meaning she won’t have to take her pills, she will never need to be institutionalized again. When Maia runs away from home in search of her mom, she gets unexpected help and companionship from Billy, her crush from school. On the roads through New England, Maia and Billy learn truths about each other that are equal parts enthralling and distressing.

About the Author
Luanne Rice is the New York Times bestselling author of over 30 novels for adults and the YA novel The Secret Language of Sisters. There are more than twenty-two million copies of her books in print across the world and five of her novels have been adapted into TV movies and miniseries. Luanne lives in coastal Connecticut with her family of cats.
Twitter: LuanneRice

The Review
The Beautiful Lost by Luanne Rice
4 Stars

Let me tell you, I haven't read a lot or maybe any road trip books. Let alone one where it's almost a runaway vibe so I had to get my hands on this one. Let me tell you, I was not let down.

Our main character Maia is basically watched like a hawk by her dad and step-mother after a suspected suicide attempt the previous year. All she wants is to be with her mother and so she sets out to find her and in a twist, the town's mysterious, cute boy joins her. Maia and Billy are on a mission, under the radar. While I wish there was a little more meat to this whole trip, I'm happy that I got to know these characters in the way I did. We see them laugh, argue, and build cairns at every stop they can. I am a full believer that you should just experience this one rather than me tell you all about it since it's mostly just about these two for most of the book. I will say the ending took me a little by surprise and I was just, not wishing it was different, but wishing there was more I guess? Like I would've loved to delve into that story aspect slightly further, but it still wrapped up nicely.

This is my first Luanne Rice book even though I own another one which I hope to read soon. It's not young adult, but it sounds interesting and I quite enjoy her writing style. Have you read any of her books? I'd love to hear which ones are also good. Before we get to the giveaway, I'd like to share my own cairn I built in honor of this wonderful read.

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