If I Fix You ARC Review

If I Fix You by Abigail Johnson
5 Stars

I want to preface this review with how this book even came to be in my hands. Earlier this year I was standing in line to get my copy of Dorothy Must Die signed by Danielle Paige when I noticed the girl in front of me had super cute boots. We got to talking and she told me she had just sold her first novel and we exchanged information. Even if you're shy, always make friends. You never know who you'll meet. On to the review.

All I really knew about If I Fix You at first was that our main character's mother did something inappropriate and left. Honestly, that was all it took to get my attention. I was beyond stoked that I was able to read it this Summer. Jill is your average sixteen year old who enjoys hanging out with friends, looking at the stars, and fixing cars with her dad. She even has a cute boy or two in her life. In my opinion, If I Fix You is anything by average.

Throughout this one novel we deal with romance, friendship, betrayal, family, violence etc. Trust me, it all fits together seamlessly. Despite the bigger problems in these characters' lives Jill, Claire, Sean, and Daniel are completely real and relatable. If you've read any of my previous reviews you'll know that that's something I always try to find.

One of my favorite things about this book is that while it's got the darker side of things, there are also such fun moments within. One of my favorites is the night with the wall walking. I used to do that all the time. Another fun bit is definitely the Creeper World Cup talk. Good memories to lighten up the mood. Another plus is Abigail's ability to set the scene. Seriously, I live in Arizona and it's just so accurate to the weather, location, people I see around etc. Just wow.

There is so much I want to say about this book that I think I might reread and do a spoiler filled review because honestly, this one just isn't cutting it. This book deserves so much more. If you're interested, my book club will be reading If I Fix You in January and anyone is free to join. I 100% recommend the book and if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments or on my Twitter. I hope you'll grab yourself a copy and see what I love so much. If I Fix You is out now! And thank you Abigail for sending me a copy. Have a lovely day!


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