The Way Back to You ARC Review

The Way Back to You by Michelle Andreani & Mindi Scott
5 Stars
Let me start by saying that before even reading the synopsis, I wanted to read this book. I love reading books written by friends because I hope to one day write a book with Grace from Grace Lucy Reviews. Then I read the synopsis. Basically Ashlyn died from injuries following a bike accident and her organs were donated. Ashlyn's boyfriend Kyle and her best friend Cloudy seek out the recipients of said organs. You may be thinking that's not possible according to all kinds of laws and such, but it's all explained, I promise. Anyway, we follow these two on their journey in alternating chapters. So let's get into it, shall we?

Cloudy is, in my opinion, seemingly racked with guilt when it comes to moving on with her life. Kyle is just in denial. As two of the people who loved Ashlyn the most, these two need each other in order to heal. I did enjoy the Kyle chapters a little more than the Cloudy ones, but I figure that's because I read from the female perspective so often that I can get kind of burned out. My favorite addition to this novel was Arm. You're probably a little confused, but you'll get it once you embark on the journey. I don't think it would have been the same without her. Along the way we meet a lot of people, but the most impactful one for me, was Sonia. This woman understood and that's all you need to know.

As I have said, this book is a journey. I mean that emotionally but also it's a legitimate road trip. The authors have divided it by state. Oregon, Northern California, Southern California, Arizona, and finally Nevada. Those last two were my favorite ones. Not just because I live in Arizona either. I find that most of the super meaningful stuff happens there and also the most growth for our main characters. Sometimes getting away from your life for a bit can bring the most clarity and you definitely see that here.

Overall, I loved this book. Every second of it. Despite how many times I cried and believe me, there were a lot of tears shed. I was so emotionally attached to their story and what it all meant. It really made me think about the after and if reincarnation is indeed a thing that happens. The Way Back to You is a funny, heart wrenching, beautiful, and refreshing novel about healing and how you don't have to do it alone. I strongly recommend to anyone who has ever lost someone or anyone who loves a good emotional read. The Way Back to You is actually out now and you can grab yourself a copy at your local bookstore or on the Book Depository if you live internationally. I hope you'll give this one a shot, I'm sure glad that I did.


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