Conversations: Why I Started Blogging

Welcome to my first conversations post! I planned to start last month, but didn't really have much to say on the topics so here we go!

Why did you start blogging?
I actually didn't originally plan to have a blog. I started watching a lot of "booktubers" and I had my mind set on becoming one. Mostly because my writing isn't the best and also because they seem to do a lot of cool stuff. This was my outlook before I realized that bloggers do all of the same stuff, you just might not see it because it's not a video. Anyway, I scrapped that idea because I very quickly realized that I knew absolutely nothing about editing and all of the work that really goes into a Youtube video.

It was actually quite a while after that when I realized that book blogging was a viable option for me. I hadn't seen as many book blogs, mostly because I wasn't following the right people, but I decided it was for me. Yeah, I wasn't as creative as some and for a long time my blog was strictly reviews, but I'm coming out of my shell now.

I'd be lying if I didn't say that the potential free books was a good selling point, but I also wasn't so cocky that I assumed I would be getting some or any for that matter. I still get most of my ARCs from giveaways or NetGalley and that's totally fine by me. I'm just happy to have found my people. Which happens to also be part of me blogging. None of my local friends read. I needed to be able to completely fangirl over the books I was loving and this is where I do that.

Why do you still blog?
Blogging is something I love to do. I may not post every single day like some people and I may not have a ton of variety, but it makes me happy and happiness is something you should never sacrifice. Not only that, I just love sharing what I'm loving and bringing attention to some books that I feel might not get enough.

I love how blogging has connected me to so many cool people. I get to talk to authors, whom I previously treated like celebrities, as if they are my friends and I hope some of them are. In summary, blogging has brought this shut in out into a whole new world. One which she never wants to leave.

I'd like to here about you. Do you blog? Have you thought about it, but didn't think it was for you? Tell me in the comments or better yet, write up a conversations post of your own. You can find current and future topics here.


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