Dirty Rush Review

Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell
4 stars
I bought this book on a whim. I saw it and was nostalgic for the television show Greek. That and once upon a time, I wanted to join a sorority. I went in to this book expecting kind of a cutesy sisterly love type of deal. What I got was a hot frat guy, anal beads, strange hazing, drugs, a sex tape, and some revenge. If you’re not intrigued by that then, I’m shocked. I must say, I did enjoy reading this, just not in the way I had originally expected to. Like I said, this book took me completely by surprise. It is a tad fast paced and part of me wishes it was longer given that it takes place over an entire school year, but I see why that could’ve been necessary. The only thing I found annoying throughout Dirty Rush was the use of the word cute. Example: Instead of “crystal clear” the characters would say “crystal cute”. Needless to say it drove me a little crazy. Overall, it was a good read. I felt myself longing for the type of friendships shown and also glad I didn’t have some of those people in my world. I’d actually read a sequel if one were to be made. If you’re good with raunchy reads, pick this up. It’ll make you laugh, you might get jealous or angry, and maybe you’ll find yourself loving some of the characters to the point of heartbreak. I know I did. If you have read it, please tell me your thoughts.


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