Fat Girl on a Plane ARC Review

Fat Girl on a Plan by Kelly deVos
5 Stars

First I want to thank Kelly for personally handing over her travelling ARC to me at an event last month on a whim. I was so shocked and so thankful. I've been dying to read this one. Fat Girl on a Plane is about a girl who is on a fashion journey. During this journey we see her both as plus size and not which is amazing in my opinion. 

Disclaimer: The things I talk about are things Kelly has mentioned in panels, but if you don't want to know too much about the relationships that take place I would skip the last half of this review.

Throughout this wonderful debut we see a girl who is trying to pave her way in the world. Cookie is currently a fashion blogger dreaming of being a designer herself. I thought it was awesome to hear that Cookie makes her own clothes and is a huge advocate for how little clothing is available in bigger sizes. I myself have struggled to find clothes that fit me correctly and I have to deal with the huge size change between stores. It's complete bull and seeing her fight that fight is inspiring.

Now I did mention that Cookie goes through weight loss and what I love is that Kelly made a point to let you know that skinny doesn't always mean happy and fat doesn't always mean you're not confident and comfortable in your skin. That in and of itself is a big thing that young people should know and I hope they learn it. I took years to love myself as much as I do and I'm still not always 100% there. I found myself constantly adjusting my shirt at this panel with Kelly to hide my "flaws". Body confidence is a journey and we get to see that.

Kelly also tackles the family dynamic and how it is not always picture perfect. As well as how friendship is a bunch of ups and downs. Not everyone gets it right. Sometimes we screw up or hurt each other beyond repair, but we can heal and move on. There is no shortage of examples. My favorite thing in this book would have to be the boys. I love, love, love that Kelly conquered an uncomfortable age gap with a huge power dynamic. You're really not meant to enjoy some things, but her writing at times makes you want to. Just ask Stephanie Elliot. Then you take a step back and you remember the 13 year gap which makes you feel like it's a creepy place to be in. I know sometimes I wanted to sit and have a nice "get your shit together" talk with Cookie. Not just in regards to this either. There is a moment in her friendship with Tommy that you realize A. Cookie is not perfect and B. She is trying more than she should be. I feel for her.

Can we talk about the "villain" of Fat Girl on a Plane? If you've already read it you're probably thinking I'm talking about Kennes, but I am talking about society and the views on bigger people. We see so many real reactions to Cookie's original size and the size of others sprinkled here and there. It makes me sad, but it also gives me hope that some day maybe we can accept each other. If someone is happy with their body then why should you care? Butt out dude.

I think this review is one of my longest in a long time. I admit my thoughts are very scattered and very ranty, but I wrote how they flowed in my brain. Just like I was talking to a friend. Kelly wrote an amazing book and I am so incredibly happy that it is being released into the world on June 5, 2018. Preorder your copy now, you won't regret it. Congratulations Kelly and thank you. Have you read Fat Girl on a Plane? Are you planning to? Feel free to chat with me in the comments.


  1. Great review! I appreciate how you shared your personal experiences with the story.

    1. Thank you so much. I hope you'll stop by again sometime. (:

  2. I definitely want to check this one out! Great review!! I love you book photo as well :)

    1. You should. I loved it. Also, thank you. I low-key, desperately threw it in a bush at work. Lol.


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