Fragments of the Lost ARC Review

Fragments of the Lost by Megan Miranda
4 Stars

I want to start off by thanking Emma from Miss Print who allowed me to adopt this ARC through her ARC Adoption program. I am so glad that a program like this exists. It allows smaller bloggers more access to early copies they are looking forward to.

I've heard that Megan Miranda is a wonderful author who really knows how to tell a thrilling story. Fragments of the Lost is about Jessa who's ex boyfriend has recently passed away and she ends up being the one with the task of packing up all of his things. As you can imagine, she's searching for a reason why and dissecting what she thought she knew about their relationship and his life.

The book starts off with her first appearance at the house after the death of Caleb. We aren't told what happened to him or even why they aren't together anymore. These are the things that kept me going. I'm a big "why" person. Throughout her packing we get to see bits and pieces of her memories from when Caleb was alive. It gives a good insight and really pushes the story forward. Each thing she packs away gives a piece of the so called puzzle.

As for characters we also have Caleb's best friend Max show up at some point. I was unsure of what to think of him at first, but he definitely grew on me towards the end of the novel. I don't think some things were absolutely necessary, but I don't hate them either. Caleb's mom gave me the creeps from the start. I get that she's grieving her son, but something just seemed off. I still can't pinpoint exactly what made me feel this way from the start, but I get why I felt it later on. It's just one of those strange gut feelings.

Overall I loved this book. It was slow to start, but once it picked up, around 50 pages in or so, I just couldn't put it down. I will say that I did bump it down to a 4 star read because the ending just didn't live up to my expectations. After all of the lead up, I just felt a little underwhelmed. It didn't ruin the story for me by any means. I just feel like there could have been a little more to it.

Fragments of the Lost is out in the world for purchase right now. So there is no reason to wait to grab your copy. Despite my rating I definitely recommend it for those who love a good puzzle. Don't forget to check out Megan Miranda on Twitter for updates on her latest works. Tell me your thoughts in the comments. Have you read this already? Do you plan to pick it up? I would love to know. Happy reading!


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