The Secret Life of a Dream Girl ARC Review

The Secret Life of a Dream Girl by Tracy Deebs
3.5 Stars
First off I want to thank Entangled Publishing for allowing me early access to this novel. I will admit, I requested this one because it's by Tracy Deebs. I have previously read two of the books in her Tempest series and loved them so I did not hesitate the second I saw her name on something new. I'm going to keep this review short and sweet because that's exactly what this one was. We follow young Dahlia, AKA Cherry, a pop-star newly emancipated and hiding out in Austin, TX trying to live a normal life. Along with her, we also get the insight of Keegan who happens to be one of the hottest guys in school and utterly infatuated by our Dahlia unbeknownst to her. It was fun watching these two interact and try to navigate their potential relationship. Each not knowing that the other one likes them. It was frustrating at times, but overall completely adorable. I will say that it takes place over about a weeks time, so if you despise "insta-love" beware. But if cute, fluffy contemporaries are your thing then I have confidence that you'll find this enjoyable. I hope you'll grab yourself a copy when it releases on June 27, 2016!


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