Dorothy Must Die Stories Review

Dorothy Must Die Stories by Danielle Paige
5 Stars
I am so glad that this exists! I loved being able to get a glimpse into what happened before Amy Gumm arrived in Oz. After each novella I became more suspicious of each character and in a way I kind of loved it. Was the magic twisting Dorothy, was it a person controlling her, or was this who she really was? Is Glinda really even a "good witch"? Has the Wizard really changed? I was left with questions, but I didn't mind. The stories were full of little things that don't seem important, but then it all comes together and you start to think. I have my theories about who is truly bad and whatnot. I'm excited to find out if my theories are correct. It was also nice to get in the heads of 3 other characters. I highly recommend to anyone who loved Dorothy Must Die and even though they are novellas, I suggest you still read book one first. I know some people don't care, but I think in this case it's really helpful. Danielle Paige is fantastic at what she does and I will read anything she writes. I cannot wait to dive into The Wicked Will Rise. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Hi! Are the individual prequel books the same as the content of this one? I can't decide whether I should buy this book or the three prequel books individually. :(

    1. It's just a bind up of the prequels. If you're concerned about cost, I'd say get the ebooks, but if not the bind up is a nice edition to the collection.


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